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Navigating the Caregiver journey

This year's challenges exist louder than any of my celebrations this year. I am sitting by the phone, preparing for Mom's Care Plan Meeting.

As her Health Proxy, I am scheduled to meet with the team at her nursing home. This includes the Social Worker and Nurse Manager. Apparently this is a quarterly meeting in which I am allotted a whopping 15 minutes.

I will say that since she has been moved to the 7th floor, the communication with the staff has improved. The 7th floor of this facility is for residents with moderate behavioral issues. Everyone that I speak with refers to Mom's dementia. Ironically, she has no formal diagnosis. This results in me receiving countless rejection letters from Mom's insurance company, EmblemHealth.

That story is for another day. I feel immediate exhaustion in my body thinking about the war that I fight against Medicare and Medicaid.

For now, here is the link to the podcast episode in which I share lessons learned earlier this year. Thanks to Sisters-in-Service for taking the time to listen.

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