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What Women learn

Partnering with Lone Star Construction Trades Training was very fruitful. I enjoyed helping the nonprofit achieve a dream. Rebecca, the owner, wanted to do classes specifically for women. She was impressed by my organizational and facilitation skills. I impressed myself by getting out of my comfort zone and getting sponsors! Since then, another class will be hosted this month in Austin. I will be cohosting the San Antonio class.

I write this after being in New York for the past week to visit Mom. So much has happened since last year and things are changing.

I am changing.

REACH is changing. For one thing, I can do without hearing the word "resilience" for a long while. It has become a buzzword, like "narcissist". It is not the compliment that I understand people want it to be. At this point, calling me resilient translates to congratulating me on how much of an emotional beating I seem to be able to take. The truth is, I am not taking it as well as it seems. I am not a punching bag. I want to do more than just bounce back.

Two mornings ago, I left my hotel room to walk to Mom's nursing home. It was 25 degrees at 7am! I did this not only to confuse the staff about when I show up, but because I had a meeting at 11am. I needed time to see Mom, to cry, and to compose myself before returning to the hotel where I would log on to rehearse for the Transforming Trauma in Triumph panel that I will be participating in. Once done, I ate, did some Trauma Release Exercises, and went back to Mom's bedside.

That being said, the "R" in REACH is now for Resources. This is what I do best. I will now focus on transilience - recycling negative energy into something better. Radical change.

REACH is going to support businesses by offering strategies to grow.

The next San Antonio "Women and Tools" class will be on February 24th. Check out some of the testimonials that I captured on my YouTube channel! Please share with a woman that is looking to build her confidence amongst other women. I am looking to expand. Please share this with female plumbers, woodworkers, masons, and more!

Click here to register for the FREE panel for Women Veterans on January 19th. I will see you there!

Go to Live from the Southside to sign up for the FREE magazine that I contribute to.

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